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Selected publications

Zizka A, Silvestro D, Andermann T, Azevedo J, Duarte Ritter C, Edler D, Farooq H, Herdean A, Ariza M, Scharn R, Svanteson S, Wengström N, Zizka V & Antonelli A. (2019) CoordinateCleaner: standardized cleaning of occurrence records from biological collection databases. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 00:1-8. [open access]

Zizka A. & Antonelli A (2018) Mountains of diversity. Nature 555:173-174. [pdf]

Antonelli A*, Zizka A*, Antunes-Carvalho F*, Scharn R, Bacon CD, Silvestro D, Condamine FL (2018) Amazonia is the primary source of Neotropical biodiversity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 115(23):6034-6039. [open access]

Zizka A, ter Steege H, do Céo R. Pessoa M & Antonelli A (2018) Finding needles in the haystack: where to look for rare species in the American tropics. Ecography, 41(2):321-330. [open access]

Töpel M*, Zizka A*, Calió MF, Scharn R, Silvestro D & Antonelli A (2016) Speciesgeocoder: fast categorization of species occurrences for analyses of biodiversity, biogeography, ecology, and evolution. Systematic biology, 66(2):145-151. [open access]