I have taught the use of R and R for biodiversity data analysis on the graduate level at various workshops and seminars, for example here. In September 2017, Alexandre Antonelli and I held a workshop on ‘Biodiversity data in Ecology and Biogeography’ at the Botanikertagung in Kiel, Germany. You can find the course material here. We will teach a similar workshop at the Monocots conference in September 2018. Sign up here.

As a PhD student, I have taught seminars and practicals in botany, plant physiology and phylogenetics on the undergraduate level. For instance, I have worked as a teaching assistant in courses for biology, pharmacology and economics students at the University of Gothenburg, including among others the courses: “Form and function of organisms”, “Biodiversity and Systematics”,  “Plant physiology”, “Origins, structure toxicology of drugs”. You can find an example for a teaching session I designed as part of a botany course here.