I am passionate about teaching botany and R for biogeography and biodiversity data analysis. On various occasions I have taught courses or workshops on this topic, including a one day workshop on Biodiversity data in Ecology and Biogeography, and  a one week course on Biodiversity data – from field to yield.

In November 2019, I will teach a one week course on Big data Biogeography – Species occurrences in space and time, together with Daniele Silvestro in Berlin, Germany. Sign up here.

As a PhD student, I have assisted in seminars and practicals on botany, plant physiology and phylogenetics on the undergraduate level. For instance, in courses for biology, pharmacology and economics students at the University of Gothenburg, such as: “Form and function of organisms”, “Biodiversity and Systematics”,  “Plant physiology”, “Origins, structure toxicology of drugs”. You can find an example for an undergraduate teaching session here.